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NEXSEAL 2.0 The spray applied nature of Nexseal™ 2.0 spray foam allows the

material to flow into voids and seal cracks, expanding to form a

monolithic structure with high R-value (resistance to heat flow).

Nexseal™ 2.0 spray foam can form various control layers for

buildings and structures: insulation, air barrier, moisture retarder

and weather barrier. Flexible Design Nexseal™ 2.0 Closed Cell Spray Foam expands to fill gaps and hard to seal irregular shapes, allowing you to design freely without the restrictions of traditional insulation systems Drastically improves air quality:

– Addresses needs of those sensitive to airborne contaminants

– Improved comfort highlights the quality of your design Universlly Certified UL Certified:

– UL Designs for hourly rated walls, including U305 and more

Passes AC377 Appendix X:

– Never requires ignition barrier

NFPA 285 Approved:

– For use in exterior walls of non-combustible construction

ABAA Certified

Qualifies For LEED Points

FL Building Code Approved:

– Increases Racking Strength

CA Dept of Health Approved:

– Ultra Low VOC emitting

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