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Reactor 3 E-30



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Graco's hydraulic Reactor 3 E-30 spray foam machine is the perfect solution for contractors who are looking for a machine with more output and capabilities. Ideal for residential and commercial spray foam work, the E-30 spray foam machine can handle a variety of jobs with its high output, efficient heat and advanced features. Upgrade your equipment with the powerful Reactor 3 E-30 spray foam machine, designed to optimize spray parameters and maximize productivity.

ISO Lube Pump:

Equipped with an active ISO Lube system and peristaltic pump
Automatic timed circulation for improved TSL Life
Reduced maintenance with no check valves
New and larger ISO lube bottle for easy changes
Touchscreen Advanced Display Module (ADM):

Large and user-friendly touchscreen interface
Intuitive operation and navigation
All spray operations in one screen
Independent Hose Control:

Ability to control A and B materials at different temperatures
Improved pressure balancing and optimized yield
Advanced Electric Design:

Brushless motor for improved pressure and flow performance
New temperature control boards for independent hose heat
Voltage jumpers for easy voltage changes
Robust and color-coded UL listed electrical hose connectors for error-proof assembly
Reduced Size:

Compact design with a reduced footprint
Protection for flow meters and hose connections from damage in your rig.

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